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This page is always under construction. I will continue to add more links when I can. Note that numerous links specific to binding, packing, hormones, shaving, clothing, and shoes can be found within the individual sections on this site.

For additional resources, please also see the FTM Books page, which features FTM and transgender titles, as well as books about men's topics such as shaving, barbering, and style.

FTM Information Sites
FTM and Trans Conferences
FTM and Trans Men's Organizations
Trans Men's Health Links
FTM Surgery Resources
Trans Legal Information
Information for Family, Partners, Friends, and Allies
FTM Dating Resources
General Trans Information/Organizations (not FTM-specific)
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FTM Information Sites

The Transitional Male
This is a comprehensive information site, covering health and surgery information, resources, transition tips, book lists, as well as offering a line of FTM products for sale (binders, packers and packing harnesses, prosthetics), a Big Brothers Binder Program, and numerous FAQs. Nick, the site owner, is very helpful and responsive to questions.

FTM Passing Tips
Andy's Passing Tips site has a wealth of information and is updated frequently. Includes tips on hairstyles, binding, packing, clothing, shoes, voice, mannerisms, bathroom use, as well as links to products of interest to trans men. is an internet magazine for trans men, complete with written features on a variety of topic, product reviews, polls & surveys, and links to trans guy's blogs. There is also an events calendar to both list and view trans-related events.
This resource and website emerged from the Gay/Bi/Queer Transmen Working Group, a part of the Ontario Gay Men’s HIV Prevention Strategy. The group is comprised of trans and non-trans community members and service providers in Toronto and Ottawa working to educate and raise awareness around HIV prevention and sexual health issues facing gay/bi/queer transmen. The web site contains the booklet "PRIMED: The Back Pocket Guide For Transmen and the Men Who Dig Us," a sexual health resource written by and for gay, bi and queer transmen, as well as additional safer sex resources and links.

FtM Mentors
A new online FtM Resource. Transitioning is always easier when you have a friend! For those just beginning transition, find local transmen in your area for support, encouragement and friendship in your transition journey. For those living full-time as men, offer your support and help to those just starting out.

Chatzy FTM Chat Room
This is a new chatroom created for trans men in early 2008. Registration and use is free, you can log on and chat with other users in real time.

John Otto's FTM Information Page
John maintains a list of FTM resources, including an excellent list of FTM books and trans bibliographies, as well as a sections on identity documents, legal and health resources, among other resources.

Ethan's FTM Transition page
This page has lots of documentation of Ethan's transition, including numerous voice clips, photos, timelines and diary entries.

Ryan Sallan's Page
Ryan's page includes numerous photos and voice clips taken throughout his transition, as well as biographical information, an online journal, and a TV clip from his 2007 appearance on the Larry King Live show.

Michael's Transgender Page
Michael is a trans man residing in the Boston area; he maintains a large list of FTM and trans resources, a transition diary and voice clips, and an active LiveJournal presence.

Other Bear
The resources on this page include listings of trans- and FTM-related books, conferences, events, SOFFA support, and an extensive list of links and mailing lists.

FTM Community on Livejournal
There are numerous FTM communities on Livejournal, but this one is one of the largest and most active.

FTM Brotherhood on Yahoo Groups

This is a group for people over the age of 18 who think they might be FTM transgender, have recently come out as FTM transgender, or have been transitioning for a while. Whether you consider yourself post transition, in the beginning or middle of transitioning, pre op pre hormone, or no op no ho you are welcome.

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FTM and Trans Conferences

Please note: This is not an exhaustive listing of all FTM or trans conferences. If you know of a conference or event with a trans male or trans-masculine component, please let the author know at hudson --at-- ftmguide . org.

Southern Comfort Conference 2011
and Robert Eads Health Partnership (REHP)-- Health Fair for Transmen
This year is the 21st annual Southern Comfort Conference, held in Atlanta, Georgia from September 21-25. Vendors, authors, entertainers and leaders from the entire spectrum of the transgender community will be in Atlanta to create a 4-day symposium full of learning, networking and fun just for you! From Tuesday through Saturday night, this year’s conference is packed with seminars, on-site activities as well as several planned trips away from the hotel that you are sure to enjoy. There is something for everyone on the SCC. Whatever your connection to the transgender community - whether you are transgender, a cross dresser or in between; a spouse, a partner or a family member; straight, gay, bi or omni-sexual; post-op, pre-op or non-op; young or old; married or single; FtM or MtF - if transgender is an issue in your life, you are welcome!

On Thursday, September 22, 2011, the Southern Comfort Conference (SCC) will sponsor the annual Robert Eads Health Partnership Fair. Hosted by and at the Feminist Health Center (FHC), this half-day fair is devoted to providing information and resources applicable to transmen and will include: complimentary/low cost health care services and presentations by community activists, health care providers, and mental health professionals. (Programming, speakers, and activities are updated on an ongoing basis. Please check weekly.

Travel: SCC offers complimentary shuttle service to the Robert Eads Health Fair. Any interested conference attendees should meet in the hotel lobby at 10:30am as the shuttle leaves at 10:45am, Sharp. There may be several trips to and from SCC that day. Time to be determined by needs.

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FTM and Trans Men's Organizations
Note: There are numerous excellent local and state FTM and trans organizations which I have not listed below due to my own time limitations in compiling this information. However, I have tried to list organizations which themselves link to a variety of additional sites.

FTM International
The largest, longest-running volunteer-run educational organization serving FTM transgender people. FTMI provides information, a newsletter and other publications, support, and monthly meetings and special events.

FORGE (For Ourselves: Reworking Gender Expression) is a national education, advocacy and support umbrella organization supporting trans men and others who were assigned female at birth but who have some level of masculine identification, and SOFFAs (Significant Others, Family, Friends and Allies). This site has a lot of good information on its resources page.

FTM Australia
An Australian resource network providing up-to-date information to males affected by transsexualism, transgender female-to-male (FTM) people and trans men; their partners, family and supporters.

FTM Network UK
The FTM Network is a site for guys in the UK that contains information about hormones, transitioning, legal matters, links, and order information for "The White Book," a guide to FTM living by Stephen Whittle.

La Fraternité du Loup-Garou/The Brotherhood of the Werwolf
A leather and levi club for those on the transmasculine spectrum, including trans men, butch, stone butch, TG butch, and intersex trans men.

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Trans Men's Health Links

Dr. Nick Gorton's site
Contains the downloadable book Medical Therapy and Health Maintenance for Transgender Men: A Guide For Health Care Providers by R. Nick Gorton MD, Jamie Buth MD, and Dean Spade Esq. This is the most complete care guide available for FTM patients to date-- an excellent resource to show your doctor.

Trans Care Project of Vancouver, British Colombia
Completed in January of 2006, the Trans Care Project created a series of training materials and practice guidelines for clinicians treating trans patients, as well as consumer information about trans health for trans people-- FTM and MTF. Their materials are downloadable in PDF, and cover numerous topics of concern to trans people and their care providers. Another great site to show your doctor.

Trans Health Online Magazine
An online magazine of health and fitness for transgender people. Has interesting articles on fitness, transition and specific health needs/conditions, and hormone therapy.
This resource and website emerged from the Gay/Bi/Queer Transmen Working Group, a part of the Ontario Gay Men’s HIV Prevention Strategy. The group is comprised of trans and non-trans community members and service providers in Toronto and Ottawa working to educate and raise awareness around HIV prevention and sexual health issues facing gay/bi/queer transmen. The web site contains the booklet "PRIMED: The Back Pocket Guide For Transmen and the Men Who Dig Us," a sexual health resource written by and for gay, bi and queer transmen, as well as additional safer sex resources and links.

World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH)
(Formerly known as the Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association, Inc. (HBIGDA))
The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) is a professional organization devoted to the understanding and treatment of gender identity disorders. WPATH develops and refines Standards of Care (SOC) for the treatment of gender identity disorders. The WPATH SOC, currently in their sixth version, are periodically updated and revised as new information becomes available.

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FTM Surgery Resources

TransBucket is an ongoing project dedicated to the collection of images and information related to trans sugeries. The site intends to act as a resource to all of those seeking assistance in choosing the surgery and/or surgeon that is right for them.

FTM Phalloplasty Hub
Contains information on FTM phalloplasties.

FTM Surgery Info Group on Yahoo
An extensive resource for information, photos, links, and research materials pertaining to surgery options for Female-to-Male transgender persons. You must apply for membership to access this group. Includes information about the following FTM-related procedures: metaoidoioplasty (metoidioplasty), phalloplasty, Centurion, hysterectomy, vaginectomy, salpingo-oophectomy, scrotoplasty, urethroplasty, testicular prostheses, and chest surgeries including double incision, liposuction, periareoler, keyhole, non-surgical enhancement alternatives such as pumping, stretching, piercing, and more. Interested persons are required to answer a short questionnaire before membership is granted.

Man Tool
An online photo-book of FTM genital surgeries. A $19.95 fee gives you viewing access for one year.

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Trans Legal Information

Lambda Legal's Transgender Rights Page
Lambda Legal's site contains basic information on transitioning in the workplace, changing birth certificates, and making shelters safe for transgender people, as well as information about court cases of interest to trans people.

Spencer Bergstedt's "Translegalities: A Legal Guide for FTM Transsexuals"
Spencer Bergstedt is a lawyer who has written a book on legal issues as they relate to trans people. Included are such things as insurance, marriage, estate planning, divorce, child custody issues, name change, birth certificates, drivers license, Social Security, workplace issues, criminal issues and more. The book includes name, birth certificate, and driver's license change information for all 50 states. 103 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 format. Contact Mr. Bergstedt directly for ordering information.

TS Roadmap
This site is MTF focused, but it has information on changing names, drivers licenses, birth certificates, dealing with insurance, etc.

Dr. Becky’s Birth Certificate Change Page
Has state by state information for the birth certificate change process, as well as information for U.S. citizens who were born elsewhere.

Transgender Law and Policy Institute
TLPI is a non-profit organization dedicated to engaging in effective advocacy for transgender people in our society. The Resources section of their site provides numerous helpful links on many legal issues, including identity documentation, organizations that provide legal services, employment discrimination, marriage and family law, immigration, the criminal justice systemand social services.

Transgender Law Center
The TLC is a civil rights organization advocating for transgender communities. While they are based in California, their web site contains useful documents on a variety of legal issues facing trans people. They also offer publication "Beyond the Binary: A Tool-Kit for Gender Identity Activism in Schools."

Sylvia Rivera Law Project
SRLP works to guarantee that all people are free to self-determine gender identity and expression, regardless of income or race, and without facing harassment, discrimination, or violence. They are based in New York City.

Press for Change
PFC is a UK organization dedicated to achieving basic human rights for trans people. Their web site includes a vast array of resources on political and legal topics, as well as health and other information of concern to trans people.

Australian Legal Information
Has anti-discrimination information, birth certificate correction, name change information on a state/territory basis as well as passport, medicare, and marriage information for Australians.

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Information for Family, Partners, Friends, and Allies

TransFamily is a support group for transgender people, their parents, partners, children, other family members, friends, and supportive others. They provide referrals, literature, and over-the-phone information on all transgender issues.

A family support group in the UK for children and teenagers with gender issues. Has a medical section and an intersex medical section, advice to parents, writings of young people, coming out stories of young people, and a list of links of young trans people.

This group is for SOFFAs (Significant Others, Friends, Family of FTMs: husbands, wives, partners, children, teens, siblings, boyfriends, girlfriends, lovers, friends and other allies). It is an unmoderated and relatively open group. All referred by FtM-trans moderator are welcome, as are lovers and allies from other lists, all subject to moderator approval. The object is support, friendship, and the open exchange of information.

Straight Men, FTM/GQ Partners
This group is for straight or straightish non-trans male partners of FTMs, trans men, FTV/FCDs, and malewards-vectored genderqueer folk. This group is designed to fill a gap in support for the partners of transfolk and to be comfortable for straight non-trans guys to talk about how their partners' gender identities and expressions affect them. You belong here if: you are a straight or mostly straight non-trans guy, and your female-assigned partner isn't totally comfortable identifying or presenting as female.

The Boyz Club
This list is for male partners/lovers/boyfriends of (FtM) men, including those FtMs living with or otherwise involved with other FtMs. Poly, B*DSM and other alternative relationships supported. 'PC' attitudes not required. Basically, just a list for men in love with other men, FtM or not, but list is FtM-oriented. Women not excluded but list is primarily for males in relationships, including friendships, with FtMs and seeking support from like-minded persons.

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FTM Dating Resources

Trans Passions
A free online dating & social networking community for the trans community, MTF & FTM transexuals (pre-op, post-op, non-op), transvestites (TV's)/ cross-dressers (CD's), drag queens, drag kings, female impersonators, male impersonators & everyone else who loves the 'Trans' community. Free chat, message boards & email.
The main focus of this web site is lesbian, butch, and femme identities, but their personal ads section includes an FTM/TG search category.

A group designed to assist transpeople and their admirers to find one another for dating, friendship or long term relationships. All genders and all sexual orientations are welcome. Free of charge, application to join must be approved by the moderator.

A group created by and for FTMs and their admirers. Placing/responding to an ad is free. Anyone on the FTM spectrum and those who would like to date them (of any gender) can post a personal ad of any length. To join, you'll be asked to fill out a short questionnaire, and you must have an ad and photo ready to post.

FTM Personals
FTM Personals is a web site and discussion list created by and for FTMs and their admirers. Placing an ad is free. Responding to ads is free. Anyone on the FTM spectrum (Boi, FTM, F2M, M2M, Transman, Genderqueer, TG Butch, etc) & those who would like to date them (of any gender or sexual orientation) can post a personal ad of any length. Non-FTMs are especially welcome!

General Trans Information/Organizations (not FTM-specific)

Gender Education and Advocacy
Gender Education and Advocacy (GEA) is a national organization focused on the needs, issues, and concerns of gender variant people. The web site has advisories about news of importance to trans people. It also houses the AEGIS project (American Educational Gender Information Service), the National Transgender Library and Archives (which is physically housed in Ann Arbor Michigan), the Remembering Our Dead project, and the Day of Remembrance project.

Center for Gender Sanity
Provides information and publications about transitioning at work for employees, co-workers, and employers. They also have a large links page on the topic.

TG Crossroads
A project of the Indiana Transgender Rights Advocacy Alliance (ITRAA,, TG Crossroads is a community resource dealing with political action, transgender news, issues, and resources. They also have a comprehensive listing of support organizations for the Midwest region.

Trans Ohio
The Trans Ohio web site features archives of their monthly newsletter in PDF, as well as links to local resources and events in the Ohio area.

Trans Academics is a place where people of all genders can discuss gender theory, the trans community and its various identities, both as a part of the academic world and day-to-day life. Lists current research projects, academic papers, research tools, and trans course syllabi.

Gender Centre, Australia
This page has resources for employers, information on sensitivity training, kits and fact sheets for families and students, and an excellent links list.

The Gender Trust
A UK organization that provides information, contacts, and support to trans people. The page has world news headlines on trans issues, as well as FAQs, articles on family, legal, and medical issues, and a good links page.

Gender Identity Research and Education Society
A UK site providing information about hormones, medical basics of gender identity issues, information for parents and families, schools, training for law enforcement, workplace issues, publications list, and legal information.

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Miscellaneous Links

The International Journal of Transgenderism
The IJT is peer reviewed, published quarterly and updated with new articles during the quarter. IJT welcomes the submission of original scholarly articles on any aspect of transgenderism from within any discipline. Articles submitted are subject to the usual academic processes of anonymous peer review. The journal also occasionally re-publishes previously published articles and books, which are of significant interest, and which may not be readily available.

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